Professional teeth whitening

2 - 8 Shades + white

NO Peroxide

NO Sensibility


BleachBright is a company which is the pioneer and leader internationally, especially in the U.S and Europe in the teeth whitening industry, manufacturing of teeth whitening gels and continuous development of new technologies for the industry of professional cosmetic teeth whitening.

Let’s return to their natural tooth color without damage


BleachBright has developed a complete range of whitening systems to meet the needs of every dental clinic. BleachBrightPRO offers the most advanced scientifically solutions. Our whitening system provides safe and effective results.


Need to whiten your teeth but don't have time to go to a salon, spa, or dentist? Don't feel like making appointments and making time in your busy schedule? Do you wish you could just do it on your time in the comfort of your own home? BleachBright has the solution for you!


Teeth whitening is not everything. BleachBright has a wide range of maintenance products and oral aesthetics. The best results are achieved with proper maintenance.



+ Is BleachBright Safe?

Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects to bleaching one’s teeth. The teeth whitening process penetrates the tooth enamel but will not damage it. It only affects the dentin. Individuals with tooth decay and with any type of gum disease should avoid this treatment. If someone has questions as to whether or not to do a whitening, they need to consult their dentist. BleachBright and our partners are not dentists and cannot diagnose dental patients. Never treat someone who is pregnant, suspected of being pregnant, or nursing; there are no known side effects, but it is simply a precaution.

Almost everyone can enjoy the benefit to the whitening process if his or her teeth and gums are healthy. Remember, teeth cannot be bleached whiter than genetically possible. BleachBright products are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 without parental permission. We advise that no one under the age of 14 have the whitening done; this is of course ultimately up to the operator and guardian of the minor.

The treatment takes between 25-30 minutes. You will see immediately results, but you will see greater results 24 hours after treatment. The results depend on each person-all the teeth are different from person to person because of the genetics, health, etc. You can expect a change of between 2-8 shades whiter, but we are sure that you will be pleased with the amazing results.

+ What causes discoloration?

Typically, discoloration comes from exposure to tea, coffee, smoking, juices, colas, wine, age, or just about anything that would stain a white t-shirt. This is why we highly recommend the maintenance products to maintain your new white smile.

Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, white gum line (blanching), or sensitivity, all of which are normal and hold no real danger. Typically, this will only last from a few hours to 24 hours and can be alleviated with vitamin E oil. How long before customers can eat or drink teeth staining foods and drinks after thir session? In the first 24 hours, we would recommend avoiding coffee, tea, dark-colored sodas, red wines, berries, candy, red sauces, beets, or any foods that can discolor. Remember, if it leaves a t-shirt stained it will discolor your teeth.

The products does NOT contain alcohol and should NOT be used twice daily.

If you feel any little discomfort, we will provide you Q-TIP with vitamin E to smear gently on your gums to avoid any discomfort

It is possible to do the whitening from age 14 years and up, but minors required to provide parental consent form



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